Well, We Made It

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Good news: We made it to Indy and I already have a job!
Bad news: Our stuff isn't leaving California until tomorrow and won't arrive for several more days.

The first week here has been full of ups and downs. The first day, I cried a lot. The second day I felt OK, only to get an email from the pet sitters that Ted was hissing at everyone. Ted has never hissed in his life and I wasn't even sure he knew how. I spent a sleepless night worrying about him, but talked to the pet sitter and we chalked it up to feeling out of sorts from vaccinations and being in a new environment without his people. Max is fine and dandy, thank goodness.

I went in for my first job interview and walked out with a great offer. I accepted this morning and will start in two weeks. I went with my gut reaction of "yes" on this one and I have my family's support. I said over and over again that I wouldn't take whatever offer came my way first and that I wanted to be picky so I ended up with the right firm. It just happened that the first offer was kind of awesome, so I took it. Yay!

My older sister arrives from Seattle at the crack of dawn tomorrow. The idea was that she would be able to help unpack and child-wrangle while I got settled, but instead we're going to have an urban camping adventure with take-out and lots of wine. 

I managed to finish A Feast for Crows with my abundant leisure time and started on A Dance with Dragons and a lovely book about the Black Death in France.

Elliott has been adjusting superbly and we have FaceTime dates with dad every night before bed. He has a new, enormous fire truck that lights up, has real sirens and a remote control ladder, courtesy of Grammy Ancy. He's basically in love with it and asks for it when he wakes up in the morning. His latest toddlerism is declaring that he needs a tow truck when he falls down or gets stuck. He also asks Grammy if she needs one when she sits down to rest on one of the many walks around the neighborhood he drags her on.

Send good vibes so I may have the chance of sleeping in my own bed the night before my first day on the new job!

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