My name is Sarah and I live in San Francisco Indianapolis with my husband, Lane, my son, Elliott, and two cats named Max and Ted. 

My husband is a chef, I am a paralegal, my son is a toddler, and my cats are lovable idiots. I enjoy baseball, reading, cooking and eating, baby kisses, internet window shopping, and YouTube comments.

My favorite food is pizza. I really love crossword puzzles.

My favorite sports team is the three-time World Series Champion San Francisco Giants.

I am a Virgo.

Sometimes I look like a long-lost Cusack sibling.

I am a fifth-generation Northern Californian on both sides. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am a Catholic, but I am also fiercely pro-choice, decidedly anti-hate, and a staunch feminist.

This blog is mainly for my family and friends who are charmed by my misuse of the English language. And with our recent move, it will serve as a way to send confirmation via internet smoke signals that we’re still alive to all our loved ones back in civilization California.

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