Truck Spills Will Always Make Me Smile

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This morning as I was driving to work in the wind and the rain, the traffic guy came on and said that the morning's major tie-up was a truck carrying pizza dough versus a bridge over on the East Side. I just had a small moment of levity and let myself enjoy the image of pizza dough covering South Rural Street. I love a good truck spill.

He gets it from his mama.

Also, Lane finally arrived! (And will be getting a handmade "I love you almost as much as truck spills" card for Valentine's Day 2016.)  Elliott is FREAKING. OUT. with happiness.  He conveniently barfed during naptime at school the day Lane was set to arrive, which I think he totally did on purpose so he could spend two days with dad instead of going to school.  However, I ended up catching another chest cold from Elliott's bevvy of preschool germs; but now I have a husband to run out and get me some Throat Coat while also picking up the specific brand of cat litter we need and getting the car detailed.  Praise be.

The cats have spent the last day opening all doors and closets and fully inspecting all hidey holes in their new home.  Ted has been sleeping on my pillow each night, which I both did and did not miss during his six-week cat spa vacation.  Thankfully, no one of the feline persuasion has peed in any inappropriate places, but I was gifted a lovely little pile of cat barf next to my side of the bed yesterday morning.  I mean, they just want to make it feel like home.

On Saturday, we went to our first Midwest church holiday craft fair! My mother-in-law had a booth selling some of her wares and Elliott and I stopped by to say hi.  We went home with some fancy catnip toys for the cats and a small nativity scene carved out of olive wood.  We also split a hot dog and some Doritos, which apparently wasn't enough for Elliott, who walked up to the nice church lady manning the hot dog stand and demanded another hot dog and some milk.  He really knows how to make me look like Mother of the Year at church functions.

It's supposed to snow on Saturday and I'm just going to pretend we're in Tahoe for the weekend and not actually living in a place that actually has winter, while stalking absurdly expensive waterproof leather boots that my evil shopping genius sister recommended to me and pinning pictures of truck spills.

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