Miscellany, 22 Feb 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

Podcasts. I have finally (FINALLY) started listening to podcasts regularly. So far, my absolute favorite is Again With This: Beverly Hills, 90210. I love BH, 90210 unabashedly and without irony. I still find it absolutely absurd at times. This podcast gets me. Runner Ups: On Being, Death, Sex & Money, What's the Tee?, Only Human and Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files.

Note to self. No green tea on an empty stomach. Like, I have been drinking coffee with a splash of milk first thing in the morning since turning into an adult. It was basically the only thing I could ingest during the barfy hangovers of my "problem drinking" days. I decided to get off coffee for vaguely defined health reasons and switched to green tea in the mornings. But my digestive system wants me to pump the brakes, apparently. Last week, I felt mildly nauseous after drinking green tea with almond milk, but I felt totally fine as soon as I got some food in my stomach. HOWEVER, I barfed this morning after drinking a giant glass of iced green tea on a very empty stomach. Apparently there's hella tannins in green tea, which do not sit well with some people. Not so fast with the health! (And no, there is no possible way that it's a case of the babies. Stop.)

Haircuts. Lane and I both got haircuts, at nearly the same time, literally blocks from each other. Marriage! Mine was done by an adorable Hipster Christian. Apparently Hipster Christians are a thing outside of California and they are very good at showing you how to curl your hair correctly. I'll spare you Lane's selfie. He looks like he's about to stab someone to death with the pencil behind his ear.

Sad cubicle selfie! I started wearing eyeliner again after seeing this.

The Goblin Commuter of Hoboken. Cole Escola is some sort of YouTube comedian. I first heard about him after his send up of the concerned mom ad trope. Then Richard Lawson (LolCait 4eva; also, his RHONY recaps still give me life) linked to this video on Twitter (before Lent!) and I cannot stop thinking about it. I thought about it in the shower this morning and giggled maniacally. It is truly The Funniest.

Patti Smith. I love Patti Smith, and so does my kid. I was making dinner last weekend and had Horses playing and Elliott picks up his Lego board, takes off his pants and starts banging on it and bouncing his knees along to "Redondo Beach." In his words "I like it mommy! I'm saying it! I'm saying it too!" Saying = singing. We've got a little pantsless punk on our hands.

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